What We Believe

We believe there is only one God. Alive eternal, in three persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Equal in power and glory. Completely loving, truthful and holy.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, totally trustworthy, accurate and relevant for every part of our lives.

We believe that Jesus Christ is both God and man and as such the only Son of God.

We believe that sin has separated every one of us from God and His plans and purposes for our lives.

We believe that Jesus Christ has paid the price for all our sins. He lived a sinless, perfect life, died on the cross and rose again victorious!

We believe that we can be reconciled to God only through faith in Jesus Christ which is the wonderful gift of God.

We believe that there is a new life available for all which we receive by repenting of our sins and believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that this new life is through the power of the Holy Spirit which enables us to use the gifts of the Spirit.

We believe that God has a plan and a purpose for every believer’s life which is to bring glory to God through a life of worship, and to love our neighbours as ourselves.

We believe that God’s plan is for believers to be an active member of our local church where we meet, learn and grow together. And break bread together to remember Him.

We believe that God heals us and wants us to live healthy, abundant and victorious lives!

We believe that where we will spend eternity is decided by our faith in Christ Jesus.

We believe Jesus is coming back again – just as He said He would!


Church Life


Church was never meant to be a once a week event...


Full on fun for your kids!


Young people hanging out together and having the best time.


An amazing community for

age 16 and over.


Thewlis Street
(Old Liverpool Road)
Warrington WA5 1AJ

Charity no: 1055622

Call: 0151 422 9483



Cafe opens 10.30am
Main Service starts 11am

Hope Kids registration from 10.45am

Hope Kids starts 11am
Cafe reopens after the service

Loves God

Loves God, His word and His name

When Jesus was asked “what’s the most important thing we must do?”, He said the most important thing is to simply love God.

Barry and Vicky Cross

Married for 20 years, Barry and Vicky are passionate about building Hope Church and making it a place where people love to be and where people know they belong.